When it comes to choosing a boat for inshore saltwater flyfishing there are a few key points to consider that will make your angling so much easier and less frustrating. Justin Duggan uses examples from his Edgewater 188cc work boat to help fine tune your set-up and create a more functional flyfishing boat, and ultimately catch more fish!

With eyes like dinner plates, it’s easy to look like a big trevally in the shallows to a tackle shop owner when you attempting to fill your man cave with shiny new fly gear. The choice that is laid out to new fly anglers is mind-boggling with so many options to chose from and so many opinions to gather it can be hard to stay grounded. In this next instalment of his spin to fly conversion series, Chris Adams offers some great advice on making the move to fly.

Yellow stringing is not the most common method of fly fishing rivers, in fact not that many anglers have even heard of the strange sounding technique. Competition fly fishing has brought many new and incredibly effective methods to the scene but none have come close, in my opinion, to this remarkably successful technique. So you might ask, what on Earth is yellow stringing?


First things first, you need to know which fish are considered trout. The term can be one that is used for salmon family fish. It includes rainbow, brown, brook, cutthroat and steelhead. You’ll find that they are native to Europe, North America and Asia. But, they have been introduced toContinue Reading

Fishing Flies

There is probably nothing more complicated in fly fishing equipment than the artificial flies. Flies are the ones used to attract the fish’s attention and play a major role in catching a fish. Although its purpose may be straightforward, there is nothing straightforward in choosing the right fly for theContinue Reading